Cover of The Widow And The King

"A man came among the mountains, hunting his son with a sword."

The Widow and the King - Plot Summary

Ambrose, the son born to Phaedra in The Cup of the World, inherits his mother's feud with the ancient Prince Paigan. When Paigan is freed from his captivity, Ambrose must flee across a wasted land to the castle of the Widow of Develin. There he meets Sophia, the Widow's daughter, and Chawlin, a young man who has faced Paigan in the past and is tortured by the memory.

When the enemy comes to Develin the three must flee again. In the wilderness, among bandits and shadows, they must find the strength to endure, to forgive, and to learn what it means to be King. (Look this up on Amazon US or UK)

(Writing The Widow and the King)