Muddle and Win

The Battle for Sally Jones

Sally Jones is Good. And Muddlespot, former wart and janitor, now newly promoted to Demon Special Agent, is on a mission to make her Bad.  If he doesn't, it will be Very Bad for him.

In his way stands Windleberry - a lean, tough angel-hero. At his back is his scheming boss Corozin. Billie is Sally's wildcat sister, Ishmael is an angel run ragged by trying to keep Billie in line and Scattletail's a devil who sees she doesn't. And Shades is a cat with Purrsonality. But most formidable of all is Sally herself. She's cool, smart and likes the way she is.  Her mind is a maze of crystal passages in which a little devil could so easily get lost. She won't let anyone interfere...

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detail of cover for Muddle and Win by John Dickinson

You've probably come across the idea that we all go around with a little angel and a little devil who try to persuade us to do things.  But have you ever thought what it's like to be that devil?

MuddlespotMuddle and Win is a light-hearted romp through Heaven, Hell and the Human Mind. It's the age-old story of the struggle between Good and Evil, played out in the mind of a fourteen-year old. And all the highest things, and the lowest too, may tremble because of something very small and simple.  Like an undercooked muffin. 

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