Cover of The Lightstep

"A fearful city is full of devils. Let us be honest devils with one another."

It is 1797: a lull in the French Revolutionary Wars. Michel Wéry, once a Belgian patriot and revolutionary, has taken service as a spy for a minor German prince in order to work against the Revolution, which he feels has betrayed him. When Maria von Adelsheim, the sister of a dead friend, seeks his help, he has a price. She must travel into the French-occupied Rhineland and return with a message vital to the safety of their little city state. As the crisis nears, Maria must consider what price she is prepared to pay for her own liberty, and Michel must face a final choice: to remain true to his ideas, or to his humanity, for it is no longer possible to do both. (Look this up on Amazon)

(Writing The Lightstep)