Cover of The Fatal Child

"Go to Tuscolo, and you will die."

Ambrose, Prince Under the Sky, is haunted by the words of his ancestor. He remains in the wastelands, a ragged and hidden king, searching for the secret that will lift the curse of the weeping goddess. Then one day Atti, a young princess, comes to him. His life is no longer his own. For her, Ambrose leaves his wandering existence and takes the throne, knowing that to do so may bring his fate upon him.

The story is seen through the eyes of two people who love Ambrose: Thomas Padry, adviser to the King, and the peasant girl Melissa who becomes Atti's maid. Between them they trace his journey through bloody battles and court politics, from bleak heathlands to the eternal darkness of the spirit world. (Look this up on Amazon)

(Writing The Fatal Child)