John Dickinson

Links and Contacts

John DickinsonWant to get in touch? Send me an e-mail.

Tell me what you think of my writing. Tell me about something you are writing. It's OK. I don't bite.

I visit both schools and reading groups with pleasure. I am delighted to talk about any aspect of writing. The problem is getting me to shut up.

My main English language editor is David Fickling. David is a larger-than-life character and a minor legend among editors.

Curtis Brown logoMy agent is Ginger Clark, at Curtis Brown in New York.  Ginger mainly represents young adult, fantasy and science fiction authors, in US and UK, and is ably supported by the wonderful Tess Callero.

If it wasn't me you wanted but my father, follow this link to his website: The Author Peter Dickinson. You have good taste. I'll give you that.