The Ambrose Stories

The Cup of the World
and its sequels

I've always loved fantasy. I think I'm not the only one. Here are a few things others have said about these books.

"The sorcery is in the writing, conjuring visions of fields and woods, lakes, mountains, rural manors and massive strongholds, the views glimpsed through windows in medieval paintings, haunted by the monstrous creatures of Hieronymus Bosch..."
Jan Mark in The Guardian

"These are the strangest novels I've come across since William Morris's fairytales; gripping yet dreamlike, frustrating yet marvellously suggestive."
Amanda Craig in The Times

Cover of The Cup Of the World The Cup of the World is about a young woman whose runaway marriage becomes tangled in treachery and danger.


Cover of The Widow And The King The Widow and the King is a dark adventure story about her son Ambrose, hunted by ghostly enemies through a wasted land.


Cover of the Fatal Child

The Fatal Child is the third and last in the series. Ambrose reluctantly takes up his role as King of a land that is healing, but that cannot throw off the shadows of its past.